Vision, Mission, & Values


Every Jasper County child will be prepared for success in school.


Collaborating with other entities, Jasper County First Steps helps South Carolina families and caregivers prepare their children for school success by maximizing public and private community resources to deliver, enhance and expand high-quality early childhood services.


  1. The years of early childhood are a critical window of development during which much of human potential is shaped.
  2. Families are the single most important influence on the development of their young children.
  3. The work of supporting families and caregivers is a collaborative effort between state and local stakeholders within the public, private and faith sectors.
  4. School readiness is the result of a child’s development in many areas, with each contributing to the child’s success.
  5. Services must be individualized and adaptable to meet the unique needs of children and families.
  6. We value, and demonstrate in our collaborative work and advocacy, diverse perspectives in the development of public policy and programs.
  7. To achieve desired results, services must be high-quality and grounded in strong evidence. First Steps operates within a culture of accountability.